Example of a ZF AS-Tronic Modulator before it has been remanufactured by us.

ZF AS-Tronic Modulator Before

A typical ZF AS-Tronic Modulator after it has been remanufactured by us.

ZF AS-Tronic Actuator Front

If you have a faulty or worn ZF AS-Tronic GS3 Gearbox Shift Modulator, we can help! After all, this is what we specialise in.

How we work is simple; If you order a modulator from us, we send you a fully remanufactured ZF AS-Tronic Shift Modulator immediately. We then ask that you send your faulty unit to us (via DHL if possible) unless we have been in contact and arranged for a pick-up/delivery.

We essentially swap the units so that you have a fully working, practically new ZF AS-Tronic Modulator with 18 months warranty, and we have a faulty one ready to be fully remanufactured.

All our modulators are fully stripped down to their component parts and thoroughly cleaned before being assessed for damage. Any worn or broken parts are replaced using genuine ZF and WABCO parts.

All units are tested and work to the parameters set by the manufacturer. No unit leaves the workshop unless it meets our stringent testing process.

Your modulator will be delivered wrapped in our special unique protective packaging. In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we recommend that you reuse this packaging to return your faulty core unit back to us.

Modulator / Actuator Speed Sensor Types

If you are unsure as to which type of modulator / actuator you require, please view the images below which clearly show the difference between the speed sensors.

The image on the left (at the top on mobile devices) is the GS3.3 (or just GS3) and the image on the right (at the bottom on mobile devices) is the latest: GS3.6.
When placing your order please indicate which type of modulator / actuator you require, this will enable us to best serve your requirements with minimal delay.